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DOB: Nov 7th

Originally from: New Jersey. No accent present

Job: Corporate Therapist

Status: Single

Family: Mom/Dad, 2 younger brothers. I'm the

Born: Queens, NY in the Chinese 'hood

Why this blog?:

Well, I just thought that a lot of the blogs I read are about people who are my age (in their 30's) getting married, are married or are just so blissfully happy with someone - or the blogs just don't make sense! While I don't claim to always make sense, I wanted somewhere to just vent for myself. And if one day I meet someone or whatever, you can live vicariously through me and I'll have to change the name of this blog!

Loved Ice Treats: Fudgecicles, Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwitches, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Tofutti Cuties, Fruit flavored ice pops

Loved Foods: Pizza, Sushi, french fries, cookies, cake, marshmallows

Favorite Drink: water, Stoli Orange Vodka & Tonic w/2 limes, iced tea

Hated Foods: Celery & Cilantro

3 things I can't live without: water, rosebud lip balm, dental floss

Preferred Writing Utencil: black or green fine point ball pens

Secret Things I love to Collect: Hello Kitty items, Dunkin' Donuts items


Reading magazines. Watching endless hours of MTV Classic, Hits & Soul (yes, these are the "special" channels that you get on cable that actually play videos), Food, People-watching, shopping, kickboxing