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September 10, 2007


Jen McCleve

Costa Rica was amazing. It was the best vacation that I have taken. They have such nice beaches and the people are so nice. It was a wonderful stay. All you need is a good Costa Rica travel agent.


I went to Costa Rica about two years ago in November.. did all the things you mentioned. Had a blast. Definitely you should go. Try to get to Tamarindo if you want some beach life. Also, the river rafting on the Pacuare River is great!
Check out http://www.serendipityadventures.com/PackageTours/intrepidAdventure.htm


this sounds AMAZING! i've never been, but a girlfriend just returned from costa rica with really COOL photos of all of the activities you described. i loved seeing the 'ziplining' (that's the zooming from tree to tree thing, right?) lost, YAY!!! (and, can't wait to see you!)


am always a fan 'o italian adventures. guaranteed good food and romance. but costa rica sounds awesome too, and more rugged.


Costa Rica will not disappoint. I went on my own to go a retreat at Pura Vida near San Jose. great time.


Wow.. sounds so exciting! I'd say DO IT! Whatever makes you happy ya know?

I remember that self-vacay I took to Hawaii and laid on the beach every day like a slug. Best vacay ever in terms of self-reflection and relaxing the brain.


I've never done an adventure vacay - I'm more of a lie on the beach girl myself. My former boss went on a bike tour through Tuscany - stop in all sorts of places in the evening and drink wine - sounds like the best of both worlds?

I'll be 36 in December - looking forward to being a perfect square or more square than I already am! ;)

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