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July 15, 2010



Which blog site were you invited to?? I'd love to read it!!!
I can totally get the whole engaging in self-sabotage thing. I find I do it to myself when I can't bring myself to do something...
Also, wanted to say I can't wait to go through your other blogs!!


I second the nomination for the astrologer post. Too funny.


I liked the post about you meeting this guy in a book store
and he told you where Taiwan was located when he had no idea.


P.S. Congratulations on the blog invite!



I came across your blog after Googling, 'What do single women in their 30's do for fun?" I'm in my 30's (38) and having a hard time dealing with being in my later 30's. I can even say the number! lol.

I guess because I feel like it's close to being 40 and felt like I had to be at a certain place by then since I haven't been in my 30's; professionally successful, married, possibly children; not living with my parents, working part-time as a cashier and supply teaching during the school year. I'm not happy in my professional or personal life and I want to make some much needed changes.

I like being single but find it hard to keep myself entertained or motivated. As I stated, I don't enjoy what I do professionally so I can relate to your situation at work with regards to not being motivated.

Also, most of my friends are either married with children or separated/divorced either with or without children. I don't go out that much unless it's to a movie when my college friend can break away from her husband and children. I've been feeling in a rut and in the dumps for awhile so I am wondering what you do for fun or what kinds of things do you do that make you happy. Perhaps you can dedicate a blog to this ~ What do single 30-40 year olds do in their spare time or on the weekends?

I have been feeling lonely lately and don't like feeling that way. I'm just wondering what you and other women do to overcome this feeling.

I haven't read all of your blogs but I'm going to start from the beginning. Perhaps I will get more insight into helping me answer some of the questions above.

I wanted to e-mail you but I can't seem to get through. Also, I tried to go into your Horoscopes - Zodiac Forecasts but an error page keeps popping up. Hopefully I will be able to get through.

Sorry for the long message. I didn't mean to say so much! : )

Keep up the great work on your blog!


I really liked the blog post about you going to the astrologer with your family. Hilarious.


Congrats on the blog invite! Frankly, all your posts are entertaining! As for the work faux pas - I felt that pit of your stomach feeling that you must have. We've all had to eat crow at some point, hopefully it will be a long while if ever before you have to do it again!

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