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October 08, 2010



Hi there!
How are you?
I enjoyed what you wrote.
I am glad you made a choice to change jobs and the Universe opened up for you. Congrats!
I am writing because I hear so many stories of frustrated and depressed women in their 30's, married or single. They are frustrated by unfulfilled dream and overwhelm.

I am available to help women live a live a life they love!
Especially, women in their 30's.
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Happy to see a new post!
I really enjoy reading your blog, I hope you'll be able to update more often.
A reader from the Netherlands.


nice blog , ya i have gone through most of what you have mentioned as well and man sometimes its a bitch,
as for men dont worry they r like tubetrains, as soon as one leaves another arrives |;-)
will visst again to raed more(depending on schedule) :)

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