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October 20, 2010



OK, I meant to comment on T-I-M-E...don't know what happened. It's early lol.


I happened across your blog, simple yet sweet. I really relate to this post. My birthday is November 13th and I just turned 30 myself. I suffer from anxiety too and some times it tries to rear its ugly head in my life but I know that is not GOD so I get gladiator on it too LOL. Well, I commend you on your journey to self-love and admiration. Go girl! 30 rock!


Hehe. You hit the suits. Yep, I did that for several years until I hit 30, got laid off, had a whole series of losses, and quit Corporate America Rambo style. Wait until you have to listen to all the conversations about status programs and frequent fliers miles. The A-types are a sorry bunch of conformists who care not to question the system they are a puppet in. I often thought about jumping out of all those hotel room windows while traveling M-F. Depression had nothing on me, especially around the suits. I'm now a bartender. Could care less about status. Could care less about money or pretending to be a something and a somebody. I'm a creative in recovery and taking my life back.


Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and spent a few hours essentially reading through the whole thing. I generally never comment on blogs but I absolutely love your style of writing! It's raw, refreshing and delightful to read. Your post regarding the meeting you had where everyone listed their years of marriage struck a chord with me. I had a similar experience recently at a board meeting where the only other female there was also single. Cue comments regarding us being married to our jobs. By the way, love your home town! Was only there last month – I’m from Sydney, Australia.


men interact with each other with such strange distance and competition. women tend to draw each other in first THEN go for the jugular.


Being around guys, definitely the way to go.

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